Five Mistakes To Avoid When Mowing Your Yard

To end up with the healthiest fresh-cut grass, there are a few common mowing mistakes that you'll want to make sure you avoid.
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Using Vinegar To Control Weeds

Turns out that vinegar is an effective killer of weeds in your yard.
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Graduating Class Yard sign

Be Cautions About Displaying Graduating Class Yard Signs

Con artists use the names on the signs, along with the address of where the yard sign is posted and take out loans, open new credit cards and spending accounts, commit tax fraud and so much more that destroys the credit histories for children who are not old enough to even apply for credit or open...
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Environmentally-Friendly Ways To Dispose Of Your Christmas Tree

The holidays are over and soon, if you haven’t already, your Christmas tree will make its exit from your home. Sadly, the once beloved Christmas tree becomes one of the biggest pieces of trash you’ll have to deal with all year. But it doesn't have to end up in a landfill. Homeowners and home...
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Recalled Items Are Being Re-Sold Illegally

Generally items that are recalled by the manufacturer or government is due to safety or protect the public from products that may cause illness or injuries. It's the law. But it is perhaps less well-known that the law also makes it illegal to sell recalled products on the secondhand market. And...
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The Smart Way To Keep Dog Poop Off Your Lawn

Dog are great creatures. Some dog owners are just inconsiderate, especially when it comes not cleaning up after their dog leaves "a gift." No more so is this frustrating than when it’s on your lawn. But don't get angry, get smart with this simple hack. While some of your neighbors may put signs out...
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Ways To Snake Proof Your Home

We have a love/hate relationship with snakes. While they are essential to the ecosystem, they are the last thing you want to encounter in your yard or garden, much less in your house. Unfortunately, there's no sure-fire way to keep snakes out of your landscape but there are things you can do to...
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Maximize Money From Your Next Yard Sale

Sometimes it's time to say goodbye to some of your stuff and the best kind of sendoff is to turn those items into cash. A yard or garage sale can be a good way to clear out your home while making a few bucks. But if you use these tips those bucks will be plentiful! Make sure your yard sale is...
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Get A Free Video Game For Mowing The Yard Saturday, August 6th

Having a hard time motivating the kids to mow the front and back yard? Tomorrow, August 5, 2017, if you share a photo of yourself mowing your lawn on Twitter with the hashtag #LawMowerDay, not lawn mower day, you'll receive a free copy of the video game, "Law Mower." It's an action game where...
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How To Avoid Unwanted Encounters With Snakes Around Your Home And Garden

Snakes play a vital role in nature. Although most are harmless to people and help control the rodent, reptile and insect populations, they're sometime can startle you, especially when gardening or working in the yard. A simple and humane trick you can use to make sure there are no snake encounters...
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