Sausage-Scented Wrapping Paper?!

The smell of freshly cooked sausages is a common aroma to wake up to on Christmas morning. How you can smell it while presents sit under the tree! Jimmy Dean, the maker of many sausage products is giving away rolls of scratch-and-sniff sausage wrapping paper! For those who want the savory paper to...
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Company Prints Your Face on Wrapping Paper

The gift-giving season is getting closer and with the average person spending $900 on presents, might as well step up your present presence with gift wrap that ash your face on it! Gift Wrap My Face lets you personalize gift wrap with your face, your pets face, or your loved ones' face! The process...
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Tips For The Perfect Package Wrapping

Christmas is coming and it's time to put your gift-wrapping skills to use. Although it sounds easy on paper, wrapping gifts can be a challenge but with a little prep work and some insider tips from Alton DuLaney, the 2008 winner of the Scotch Most Gifted Wrapper Contest. First prep your workspace...
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