Three Red Flags Not To Ignore Before Accepting A Job

Nothing can be more exciting for your professional career than to surpass the skill set, nail the interview and get an offer that you can't possibly refuse. But before you shake hands on the deal make sure you are paying attention to potential red flags that can spell trouble for you down the road...
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Top 10 Wishes of Workers For A Better Worklife

There is a lot of things workers wish for in the office. Besides more money and time off, companies have a hard time recruiting and retaining good workers. Although many have found creative ways to swoon workers, it appears the simplest way to keep good people and create positive morale is a...
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Being over-qualified can cause stress

Being over-qualified for your job can be quite boring, but a new study reveals it can be stressful too! Florida Atlantic University researchers analyzed 25 years of research and say workers who are over-qualified for their jobs become angry and frustrated which can cause grief for both employees...
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