political yard signs

Recycling Political Yard Signs

While you definitely shouldn’t toss a stack of signs straight in the trash, you also can’t simply dump them in your recycling bin and consider it done
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hand sanitizer

FDA Warns Of Nine Hand Sanitizers That Are Potentially Fatal

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning that some alcohol-based hand sanitizers currently on the market can be toxic to humans.
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Avoid These Disinfectant Wipe Mistakes

Disinfecting wipes are a great way to keep your home germ free, but if you are using them the wrong way, you could be sabotaging your cleaning process
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Stick A Tennis Ball On The Top Of Your Broom Stick

Tennis balls are for tennis, to play a game of catch with your dog and even help grandma's walker slide across the floor. But tennis balls are not for cleaning around your house, right? Come to find out one cleaning hack you should employ is to stick a tennis ball at the end of your broom. We all...
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Keep These Items Out Of The Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a machine of convenience and sustainability (uses less water than hand-washing dishes) but it can't clean everything and in many cases shouldn't be used to clean items. For instance, utensils, bowls and cutting boards made of wood should be hand-washed and air dried. Hot water and...
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Ways We Use Bleach Wrong

Over the weekend there's a good chance you used bleach in cleaning around the house. While noting smells quite as clean as bleach there may be times you are using it incorrectly. In fact it shouldn’t consider it an "all-purpose" cleaner because it can damage certain clothing items, surfaces and...
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We're Ruining Our Nonstick Cookware!

When it comes to the most useful utensil in the kitchen, hands down it would be nonstick cookware. These pans are easy to use and especially easy to clean. However when used incorrectly it's also easy to damage and ruin them faster than frying an egg! According to those all-knowing in the nonstick...
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Things We Clean Too Much

Many times we focus of items that are not cleaned but there are some things you can clean too much and that can be an expensive lesson and perhaps be a hazard for good health. Did you know that spraying wood cleaner on furniture too often can make it dirtier? The wax used in many sprays can create...
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Household Items You May Be Cleaning Too Much

Believe it or not, it's actually possible to clean your home too much. Whether it means you're cleaning an item too often or cleaning it more than necessary, over-cleaning is a waste time, money and energy and sometimes, even ruin your stuff. For instance, over cleaning your wood furniture can...
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Items You Should Avoid Buying At The Supermarket

It's easy to do your weekly shopping all at once store. It saves you time but does it save you money? Of course not! Convenience aside, there are some common supermarket items you should avoid buying at all costs, simply because they cost a lot. For instance, salad dressings. Not only do pre-made...
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