Get Your Kids To Stop Whining

Whining is either a legit cry for help because they can't keep it together anymore, or a simple power play of dominance over you.
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Canines Can Get Car Sick Too

There is something about seeing a dog riding along in the car! Their head sticking out of the window, tongue flapping in the wind and their nose twitching at all the new smells. But not all dogs have an enjoyable experience because just like people, some dogs have trouble with motion sickness...
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Technology Is Causing Parent To Ignore Kids And Leads To More Tantrums

As parents know, you want to be the best mom or dad to your child. So child experts warn you not to fall into the technoference trap. That's the term created for those who are distracted by your smartphone when you’re with your children. Parents and caregivers who spend a lot of time on their...
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