Loaner Engagement Rings

It has become evident that millennials are redefining marriage. The generation that embraces experiences over material goods has led to those who will tie the knot to opt for wedding rings that are not theirs! So-called "loaner rings" are just as the sound, a lower quality (and priced) ring that...
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Professional Hashtag Creators Offers Advice in Creating Wedding Hashtags

Social media has changed us in so many ways. For recently engaged couple making plans for the wedding, having a hashtag is just as important as the wedding cake! However it isn't as easy as it sounds and demands for just the right hashtag for guests to use when posting pictures and videos that...
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Miley Cyrus x Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is Married

See the photos and the sweet messages shared by famous friends
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NYPD Reunite Lost Engagement Ring With Couple

The devil is in the detail can derail any good plan, including a marriage proposal. John and Daniella were visiting New York City from their home in the United Kingdom last week. As the couple enjoyed the Big Apple, john had plans to propose marriage to Daniella. As the couple strolled to Times...
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Woman Celebrates Her Divorce By Blowing Up Her Wedding Dress

Divorce can be a rough art in a couple's life and when the papers are finalized, it can be quite a relief as the next chapter of your life begins. However the stress of a bad marriage and its ending is handled differently by people. Take for instance Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler of LaCoste, Texas...
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Get Yourself A Fake Wedding Ring

You have two sets of keys to your house and two sets of clothes for home and work. What about having two sets of wedding rings? Sounds kinda odd considering your wedding band is a symbol of your love and from the moment you said, "I do," it has never had an equal. Travel experts say you may want to...
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The Strange Roots of Today's Wedding Traditions

A wedding is full of traditions. The funny thing is many of us don't know what they mean or where they came from. For instance, what role do the bridesmaids and best man have to do with a wedding? While today those roles are held by our closest friends and family, the tradition of bridesmaids...
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Falling In Love Packs On The Pounds

While falling in love some people experience butterflies in the stomach, but more likely those feelings of butterflies is just more food. A new report out found 79% of people surveyed gained weight after finding live with the average person packing on an additional 36 pounds after finding "the one...
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Wedding Dresses With Pockets Are The Hot Items

Some fashion trends are crazy and some make practical sense. Many wedding dresses are being created with a handy pocket or two; perfect for having your phone to whip out for selfies on the dance floor. The trend reflects a shift in almost every area of contemporary weddings. Whither to hold your...
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Ed Sheeran

Is Ed Sheeran Married? Probably

The “Shape Of You” singer is no longer denying it
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