Let Cookie Monster Help You Navigate The Roads!

The Waze traffic app has made traveling much easier with navigation as well as traffic and accident alerts. Now those directions and alerts can be announced to you from Sesame Street's Cookie Monster! The grammatically challenged Sesame Street star (“Me like cookies!”) is now available as the voice...
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98.5 KTK on Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Now you listen to 98.5 KTK and get immediate traffic updates anytime through the Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App. Get turn-by-turn directions to your destination and/or be alerted to any traffic or accidents that may delay your travels while never while listening to 98.5 KTK on your radio or...
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This Map App Delivers The Need For Speed

When it comes to traveling, we generally want to get to our destination as soon as possible. If that's the case you may want to skip the already installed driving maps on your phone and aim for the Waze app. An engineer with some time on their hands decided to do a travel time comparison between...
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