How To Tackle Any Stain On The Couch

No matter how careful you are with your furniture, inevitably there comes time when food, dirt, a leaky ceiling or pets cause a stain on the upholstery. Unless you have the whole thing slipcovered in something you can pull off and throw into the washing machine, it can be tricky to remove stains...
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11-Year Old Girl Sews Handbags To Raise Money For Hurricane Devastated Puerto Rico

The 2017 hurricane season is a distant memory for most, except those in Puerto Rico where estimates still show roughly 20% of the population still does not have power or clean water four months after Maria devastated the U.S. Territory. Meital Sternthal knows a little about the area. Near Puerto...
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Waterbeds Set For A Millennial Comeback

You may not know who Charlie Hall is but if you slept on a waterbed at one time in your life, you can thank him for it. Charlie Hall patented the waterbed in 1971 and it quickly became a household item found in many bedrooms through the 1970S and 1980s. However the waterbed has virtually...
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Diet Coke Launching New Cans And Flavors

Not a fan of diet sodas? Coca Cola is hoping their new line of diet coke will change your mind. For the first time in its 35 year history, the company is launching an evolved diet coke to be sold in thinner cans and bright designs that will contain diet coke flavors of Feisty Cherry, Twisted Mango...
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Fastest Way To De-Fog Your Car's Windshield

Winter brings with it cold wind, shorter days and windshields full of condensation. While it isn't a catastrophe can be annoying, especially when running late. SO with the help of science here is the quickest way to defog your car's windshield. 1-Turn defroster fan on its highest setting. 2-...
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Raw Water is the Latest Drinking Trend That We Don't Totally Understand

It's a new year and that means there will be a bunch of new health trends and diets for us to try. There's one that's getting a lot of attention all over social media and it definitely made me curious. The internet is raging about "raw water." Wait, isn't all water raw? What is raw water? Raw water...
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