Create A Home Repair Saving Account

A recent poll found that 44% of all homeowners regret buying a home. The number one reason for that regret is underestimating the hidden costs associated with buying and owning a home, including the ongoing responsibilities of maintaining it. Another survey found 44% of new homeowners incurred an...
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The Benefits Of Using Credit Instead Of Debit When Shopping

As we continue to shop until we drop you are faced with a decision when at the checkout register, debit or credit. While it's easier to select debit and enter your pin to make the payment directly from your checking account, there are some benefits of choosing to pay with credit instead. While this...
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Should You Buy The Extended Auto Warranty?

So you're planning to buy a new car. Part of buying a new car from a dealer is the finance room, where all the terms of the deal are laid out and most likely, an extended warranty is offered for your car. But is it really worth the extra money per month for years? Most new vehicles are covered for...
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