Walmart Launches Subscription Service To Compete With Amazon Prime

It appears Amazon Prime has legitimate competitor.
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mandatory face mask sign

More Stores Are Requiring Customers To Wear Face Masks

Although there is no state mandate to wear masks in public, retailers can forcefully kick out non-compliant customers who do not follow their new face mask policies
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Amazon To Make Whole Food Grocery Deliveries Free

The popularity of home delivery of groceries is wildly popular. Instead of finding the time to walk up and down the aisles while keeping the kiddos in line are finally over with most grocery chains offering delivery, for a fee . However Amazon is offering free delivery of groceries from its...
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Target & Walmart Offer Child Car Seat Recycling Programs In September

Yesterday we talked about items you shouldn't buy or use second-hand and one of the items are children car seats, mainly because of the ever-changing safety guidelines and the years of extreme heating and cooling inside your car. So what do you do with a child's car seat you no longer need?...
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Now You Can Drink Your Wine Out Of A Pringles Can

We're just in the beginning stages of a new year and we already have some memorable news events, including the Texas woman who was banned from Walmart for riding around in an electric scooter while drinking wine from a Pringles can. Now we don't know if it's a Texas thing or a southern thing but it...
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How To Buy Returned Amazon Items For Big Savings

One of the perks of Amazon Prime membership is the company's liberal return policy. With returns accepted up to 30 days after purchase, it's one of the longest windows for you to receive a full refund on returned items. By comparison, while traditional brick-and-mortar stores received about 9% of...
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Ellen DeGeneres Sends Staff to Walmart to Talk Song Lyrics

Ellen DeGeneres is at it again and this time she's taking her staff to Walmart.
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Amazon Announces Free Shipping For All

This Christmas might be remembered as the year of free shipping. Amazon has announced that shipping will be free to all customers and on all purchases for a limited time. That means for the first time, you do not need to be a Prime member to enjoy the benefits of free two-day shipping. It's the...
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Waiter pouring red wine into wineglass.

Walmart’s $11 Wine Attempts Upscale at a Bargain

Over the summer, Walmart announced a line of wines that would make our pockets and our wallets as happy as our inner wine-lovers. Now, the $11-$16 bottles are lining shelves across the country.
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Nickelodeon Has Made Green Slime Into A Food Conmdiment

Your inner 90s child is about to flip out! Nickelodeon has teamed up with Walmart and created green slime ketchup. The gooey green slime was synonymous of Nickelodeon shows, Double Dare and You Can't Do That On Television, can now slime up your hot dogs and hamburgers this summer. Bottles of '...
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