How To Make Sure Your Vote Counts In A Coronavirus World

With so much uncertainty over technical issues, social distancing protocols and an influx of vote by mail ballots, how can you be sure you will be able to vote? And that your vote will be counted properly?
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Find Out Where To Vote With Help From Daryl Hall & John Oates

Unless you've taken advantage of early voting, Tuesday, November 6th is Election Day. If you are unfamiliar of where to go to cast your vote, Daryl Hall and John Oates want to help. Well, John Oates anyways. The band partnered with Twilio to create Getting Out the Voates, a Hall & Oates hotline...
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Taking Selfie Of Your Vote or Ballot Is A Crime In Florida

After a seemingly endless Presidential campaign it is finally time to begin voting! It is such proud moment and perhaps you wish to remember the occasion by taking a selfie or perhaps taking a picture of your sample ballot and refer to it in the voting booth. Sadly, it is a crime in Florida and 17...
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