Honey May Be More Effective Than Antibiotics In Treatment

Researchers say doctors should tell patients to have a spoonful of honey rather than prescribing antibiotics which can fuel antimicrobial resistance.
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The Lowdown On Copper Face Masks

Copper face masks may be better than a surgical or cloth mask because it can destroy bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.
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EPA Adds Botanical Thymol To List That Kills Coronavirus

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added cleaners containing the ingredient " thymol " to their list of approved coronavirus-killing products.
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Antibacterial Soap vs Regular Soap

In a world or coronavirus, it is tempting to reach for what appears to be the strongest possible cleaning product available. That might lead you to wonder if you need to be washing your hands with soap that specifically says “antibacterial.”
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Avoid Overusing Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer works really well in killing viruses and bacteria. The problem is it also kills the good bacteria on your skin. But as research is still ongoing about what constitutes a healthy hand microbiome, it can be hard to determine how much sanitizing is too much.
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Grape Juice Will Not Prevent You From Catching A Cold Or The Flu

Nobody wants to get sick. But as fall progresses and winter on its way the likelihood of you catching a virus increases and that leads us to seek out advice from the Internet. It is home to many reports about grape juice’s ability to fend off the violent virus that re-appear each year during cold...
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When A Cough Becomes A Concern

There is a lot of people coughing, especially this time of the year. But a cough doesn't necessarily mean you are getting sick. Coughing is the number one reason people go to the doctor, according to WebMD, accounting for more than 30 million visits every year. But how do you know when your cough...
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Signs Your Dog May Have The Flu

Veterinarians are concerned over the highly contagious dog flu that is spreading like wildfire. Cases were reported in every state in the in the continental US with both strains of canine influenza active in Florida. Like the human flu virus, the dog flu spreads through bodily fluids that are...
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Signs Your Device Has Been Hacked

How do you know if your accounts and devices have been hacked? It's not like they leave you a note saying your identity has been stolen. But there are some tell-tale signs you can easily identify so that you can stop the hack before it ruins your digital life! One of the biggest red flags likely to...
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Flu-Proof Your Home

It's turning out to be one the worst flu seasons in recent memory. For those who have been able to avoid it, you are lucky! But there's more than luck as you can use science to try and extend your streak by flu-proofing your home. It's pretty simple, the flu virus makes its way into your body from...
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