People Are Buying Cassette Tapes Again as Sales Have Doubled In 2020

People are buying cassette tapes again as sales have doubled in 2020. Now, it appears another former music listening device is making a comeback.
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Pizza Hut Returning To Its Original Logo

What's old is new again as Pizza Hut becomes the latest business to capitalize on nostalgia. Starting this week, the pizza chain is bringing back its iconic, red-roofed logo that diners might recall from its 32-year run between 1967–1999. The old-school logo reportedly tested well with customers,...
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These Old VHS Tapes Are Worth Big Bucks

It sounds crazy that outdated technology is worth more than the latest electronic gadgets but lurking in your closet, attic or garage could be worth it if you happen to have some old VHS video tapes. While we search online for movies, nostalgic fans are dropping big cash for vintage VHS tapes you...
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