Pizza Scented Bath Salts Turn Your Tub Into A Pizzeria

Who doesn't love pizza? The smell alone can make your mouth water. Speaking of water, now your bath tub can smell like a freshly cooked pizza pie. A Japanese company, Village Vanguard is selling bath salts (no, not the bad drug kind but salts that are made for the bath tub). For about $3 a package...
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Woman Denied Citizenship Because Of Her Strong Opinions

It's healthy to have an opinion. How you share that opinion can impact your life as it has with 42 year old Nancy Holten. Nancy was born in the Netherlands but has lived in Switzerland since she was 8 years old. She speaks fluent Swiss German, has children with Swiss citizenship and apparently a...
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Scary Clown Sightings Prompt Police Warning For Pranksters

More reports of pranksters dressing up as clowns and scaring people in Gainesville and Ocala has promoted law enforcement officials to make public pleas to discourage the practice with some very life-altering reasons. Local reports are echoing national stories of scary clown sighting in the...
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