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Mask Your Clutter With These Iconic TV Show Video Conferencing Backgrounds

If your video conference uses the Zoom platform, you can hide your living/work space behind a virtual background of your favorite TV show.
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Help Explaining Physical Distancing To Little Ones

A toddler-friendly video explains physcial distancing to help the little ones understand.
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Be Aware Of These Common Airbnb Scams

Teh most common Airbnb scams and how to avoid them.
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Set Up Your Video Game Console Before Christmas

Christmas is tomorrow and if you’re giving someone a gaming console, or even a video game, you need to take some time today to unwrap it, fire it up, and install any and all updates it requests. Because there’s a chance that a manufacturer’s (or game’s) servers will be slammed on December 25 with...
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Health Experts Revise Screen Times For Children

It's a fact of life that we're viewing electronic screens more than ever and there's a good chance we'll see more as time goes on. It's a growing concern for health professionals in particular how much time our kids are staring into video screens. A comprehensive study of 4,500 children conducted...
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How To Get Creases Out Of Your Leather Shoes

You absolutely love these new leather shoes! They’re stylist, comfortable and you wear them all the time. Unfortunately the more you wear leather shoes, they lose their luster with unsightly creases where your foot bends. However there is a hack you can use to flatten out those creases and keep...
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App Uses Movies To Help You Learn A New Language

Learning a new language can be a challenge, especially as we get older. However it may be easier to pick up a second language while watching a movie. Lingvo is a free app that lets you use Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video to help you pick up a language a little faster. With it, you watch a movie...
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Skype Introduces New Blur Feature For The Slob In You

Video calls have made the world smaller and for some it has shown the world the chaotic state of your home! Some good news for the slob in all of us, last week video conferencing service, Skype, announced it was a blurred background feature so you can obscure your mess with dignity. The new feature...
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Parents Are Turning To Food For Baby Name Inspiration

Baby Center has released the top 100 names for 2018 . Jackson leads the boys' list for the sixth year in a row, and Sophia tops the girls' list for the ninth year running, making it the decade-defining name for girls born in the 2010s. However there are a interesting spike in children being named...
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Playing Tetris Shown To Help You Relax

Stress can lead to anxiety which can lead to you being that person you don't like to be. Come to find out playing video games can be a great stress reliever and one particular classic video game has been deemed as the most satisfying, even for those who don't usually like them. A new study found...
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