What To Know About 5G Coverage In The Heart Of Florida

5G transfers data 20 times faster than 4G, however phone carriers are not quite ready for it.
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mandatory face mask sign

More Stores Are Requiring Customers To Wear Face Masks

Although there is no state mandate to wear masks in public, retailers can forcefully kick out non-compliant customers who do not follow their new face mask policies
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Mobile Carrier Companies Offer Scam Call Protections

Call scammers are getting more sophisticated as we wise up to their attempts to rob us blind. But all is not lost as our phone carriers are now offering help to block these calls from every reaching your phone. The services cross reference incoming calls with a database of known and suspected robo...
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Two Iconic Internet Brands Set To Disappear This Summer

Time to get nostalgic as two big brands that were synonymous with the dot com boom of the 90s are about to share the same fate as the beeper and fax machine. Verizon announced "Oath", the name of their new Internet business venture that will merge over twenty brands, including original internet...
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