Pizza Scented Bath Salts Turn Your Tub Into A Pizzeria

Who doesn't love pizza? The smell alone can make your mouth water. Speaking of water, now your bath tub can smell like a freshly cooked pizza pie. A Japanese company, Village Vanguard is selling bath salts (no, not the bad drug kind but salts that are made for the bath tub). For about $3 a package...
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Ocala Teen Makes Debut On Jeopardy! Teen Tournament Tonight

It seems that the smarts of those living in the Heart of Florida continues to be showcased to the nation. In September Sharren Gibbs of Gainesville ended a 10 year journey to be a contestant on the TV gameshow, Jeopardy! Now it’s Leeyu Addisu of Ocala's turn. The 14 years old Vanguard high School...
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