Boasting About Your Vacation Makes You A Happier Person

Nothing brings you back to Earth than the first day back to work after a vacation. While talking about what a wonderful time you had can be seen as obnoxious by some, it can make you feel happier! Experts say three parts of the whole vacation process can create happiness: the planning, which builds...
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The Worst Vacation Picture To Post Online

Most of us find delight in posting our vacation pictures on social media, allowing our friends and family to see what exciting and relaxing things we're doing while they're stuck in the office. And while most of us share these photos, the majority of your friends cannot stand them, according to a...
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Man Asks For An Entire Week Off To Eat Chicken

There are times where you need extra time for your lunch break, but it's odd to take an entire week. One man is taking an entire week off to fill up on chicken! A railroad employee in India make the unusual request ahead of the Hindu observation of Shravan, where all food consumed must be vegan. On...
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The Costs Of Vacationing With Your Pet

While the family plans on a summer vacation, most family pets rarely get the chance to join their family and end up staying at home or being boarded in a kennel. But there is a growing trend of people taking their pets with them and while the costs of boarding can be expensive, travel experts warn...
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Vacation Prep: Set Your iPhone To Block Unimportant Emails

You've waited so long for it, saved for it and are about to enjoy it! We're talking about your summer vacation! Two weeks of relaxation that is interrupted by a phone displaying hordes of emails that aren't really important. Instead of spending precious vacation time chained to your iPhone, take...
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Two Weeks Vacation Can Be Risky

As many studies have pointed out, our sedintary lifestyle is taking it's toll on our health. Now a brand new study reveals that just two weeks of inactivity can increase a healthy person's risk of chronic disease and even premature death. University of Liverpool researchers looked at 28 healthy,...
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Football Fans Are Willing To Give Up This So Their Team Wins The Superbowl

Football fans are preparing for the final game of the season as Superbowl 51 is set with the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots vying for the championship next Sunday (February 5, 2017). It's no shocker that football has its fans but to what extent some will go through for their team play for...
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Travel Company Lets You Direct Your Own Wildlife Documentary

Ever want to make your own nature documentary? A UK based travel agency has launched three vacation packages that will put you in the director’s seat as a film crew captures your very own wildlife documentary. Luxury Travel Advisors has launched three different tour options , with eight to 12-day...
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Man Make Fake Bomb Threat To Keep Girlfriend From Vacation

It has been said all is fair in love and war and for 33 year old Danesh Gomanie of New York City, it includes calling in a fake bomb threat to keep his girlfriend from leaving for vacation. According to a criminal complaint from the district attorney's office, Gomanie and his girlfriend had a lover...
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