Luxury Toothpicks Are A Hit

It's never too early to start shopping for the holidays, especially for that one person who has everything. Although they may have a lot of stuff, luxury toothpicks are probably missing from their home. Consider buying them toothpicks made from American milled northern white birch. #Regrann from @...
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Power Outages/Outage Maps

Losing electricity due to a Tropical Storm or Hurricane can be expected. When power is fully restored depends on a number of circumstances. Please remember to treat all downed power lines as live and STAY AWAY and DO NOT TOUCH IT. Below are the major power suppliers in our area, how to alert them...
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Scam Targeting Ocala Electric Utility Customers

Ocala Electric Utility is warning residents about a bill payment scam that is targeting utility customers. Individuals and businesses have reported receiving telephone calls or emails that claim their electricity will be turned off within hours, or other threats, unless they make an immediate...
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