Is Buying A Fixer-Upper A Smart Financial Move?

A home fixer-upper is a diamond in the ruff. They're so popular that there are several TV and web shows devoted to nothing home renovations and the deal you get purchasing a handyman's special. But when you crunch the numbers, fixer-uppers are a savings goldmine as you would think. A recent survey...
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Are You Considered Middle Class?

There is a lot of talk of the middle class but what does it take to be considered middle class? And for that matter, are you near the top or bottom. An analysis from 2016 revealed that more than a half of Americans are considered to be in the middle based on education and income. 52% were ranked...
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House On U.S./Canadian Border For Sale

Want to take an international trip without stepping outside? You may want to talk to the DuMoulins about purchasing their 7,000 square foot home that sits on the international board between the United States and Canada. The home has been in the DuMoulins family for decades, which was built by a...
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