Mom Startup Company Creates Face Shields For Children

Two doctors, who happen to be mothers, have created Little Lives PPE, a startup company that makes face shields for children as little as two-years old
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New King Of Trash As Cigarette Butts Falls On Annual Coastal Clean-Up List

While some estimates suggest there are 4.5 trillion cigarette butts that are incorrectly disposed of each year, there's an item that tops discarded butts.
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How To Quickly Ripen Green Bananas

Usually you race to eat a banana before it over-ripens but on the rare occasion of buying green bananas, you need a ripened one right now
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Android Apps That Promise To Clean And Speed Up Your Phone Is Probably A Scam

Andoid phone apps that promise to clean and speed up your phone are mostl likely a scam to load your phone with Malware.
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Set Up Your Video Game Console Before Christmas

Christmas is tomorrow and if you’re giving someone a gaming console, or even a video game, you need to take some time today to unwrap it, fire it up, and install any and all updates it requests. Because there’s a chance that a manufacturer’s (or game’s) servers will be slammed on December 25 with...
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Light Up Ocala

Join us for the 36th annual Light Up Ocala, Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 4pm to 9pm! Watch beautiful downtown Ocala come alive with sparkling lights and illuminated icicles. Get in the holiday spirit as you shop from local vendors, sing along to holiday songs, take pictures in front of the tree...
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Stop Being Late All The Time

Being late once is understandable. Being frequently or even “occasionally” late is rude. It’s time to get back on schedule with some easy methods you can do to be punctual. The first thing to do is stop explaining why you are late. If you don’t allow yourself to make excuses, you’ll stop letting...
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Most Americans Keep Their True Feelings Bottled Up Even To Close Friends And Family

When you’re sad or stressed, do you have someone you can reach out to in confidence for help? Even though most people do, a new survey suggests millions of Americans simply keep their feelings bottled up. A quarter of the 2,000 adults questioned in this survey said they didn’t have someone to...
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How To Handle Slow Internet

Slow Internet is worse than no Internet at all! But with just a few troubleshooting points, you can speed up that connection. First, start at teh top and verify the Internet speed you are paying for from your provider. They will gie you your uploand download speeds. Once you know that it's tiem to...
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The Nuclear Option That Blocks All Spam Phone Calls

All estimates are that the spam call epidemic will only get worse. While we are wising up to robo calls of offering a lower credit card interrest rate, special court notices or whatever the pitchof the day, it is more of an annoyance of your phone ringing when you are in a meeting, making dinner of...
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