Partying Reported at Several Universities as College Football Returns

As more and more coronavirus cases come up at colleges across the country, students are getting in trouble for hosting parties during the pandemic.
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Hundreds of University Students Busted at Massive Pool Party

A pool party filled with college students in South Carolina was shut down for violating social distancing guidelines. Hundreds of students were busted at a massive pool party.
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Major University Sees More Than 1,200 Students Test Positive for Coronavirus

On August 29, more than 1,200 students and 166 employees have tested positive for COVID-19 at the University of Alabama. The major university has released a COVID-19 tracking dashboard.
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College Tuition Insurance Policies

Not all colleges and universities offer tuition refunds if your student has to withdraw for the semester due to COVID-19. That's where tuition insurance can help.
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Can You Get Your Money Back if COVID-19 Closes Your College Campus?

While more coronavirus cases are being reported in colleges, many schools will welcome back students, while also offering online classes. Will you get your money back if COVID-19 closes your college campus?
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University Quarantines Entire Sorority After 23 Members Test Positive for COVID-19

Fall semester classes at Oklahoma State University began on August 17. The entire Pi Beta Phi sorority needs to quarantine after 23 members tested positive for COVID-19.
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Amazon Echo Smart Home Alexa Voice Service in a living room

The App That Will Alert You When Nearby Smart Devices Are Snooping

Internet of Things Assistant was developed by a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University which will let you discover the devices around you and learn about the data they collect
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Online Tool Helps You Pick The Perfect School

Finding the perfect college or university sounds simple enough. However the school you've alleyways rooted for during football games may not be the right match for you socially, for your course of study and your pocketbook. But with more than 4,000 schools recognized by the Department of Education...
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Rental Agreements Beginning In Summer Months Generally Cost More

Think the rent is too high? Then you’ll want to avoid signing a new lease during the summer. A new report from Zillow Group finds that renting at the peak can cost consumers more than $100 a month! Job growth, school schedules and even the weather can influence the amount of demand in the rental...
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Most Overused Words Of 2018

Lake Superior State University has released its 46th annual List of Words Banished From the Queen's English for Mis-use, Over-use, and General Uselessness is out and collusion, and ranking topping the list from online voting is "collusion," "wheelhouse" and "in the books." Although collusion is a...
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