Mall Installs Walking "Fast Lane" So Shoppers Can Avoid Slow Walkers

A recent poll found that 80% of consumers found slow walkers to be their biggest annoyance while shopping. The research also found that the average walking speed slowed down by 21% during the Christmas shopping period, as most shoppers spent more time window shopping and browsing during this period...
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How Your Personality Influences Weight Management

Managing weight is so easy for some but for most it is a daily struggle. While you may fault weakness, stress and situations for failure, it very well may be your personality that at issue. A research firm has broken down our personalities into five groups: The Thinker, The Craver, The Socializer,...
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Girls Love Video Games Too!

Although the stereotype of video gamers are boys playing just inches from the computer screen but there are a lot of girls that play video games too. A survey of over 270,000 gamers found that 70% of women gamers were playing family/farm simulation games. About 50% play puzzle and atmospheric...
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