Tools To Help You Permanently Delete Old Social Media Updates

While Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are fun ways to keep in touch with friends and family, watch cat videos and even catch up on news, more employers are doing background checks on current and future employees. So an embarrassing tweet from 2010, Facebook rant from 2014 or the drunk Instagram...
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Ed Sheeran Says New Music Coming This Week

Ed Sheeran is making it known that 2017 will involve some new music this week! Hello 2017... — Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) January 1, 2017 No other information was immediately available. We can't wait!
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Michael J. Fox Tweet Reminds Us Of Another Back To The Future Prediction

The 1989 movie, back To The Future II, was full of predictions to our future when it was released 27 years ago. From hover boards to Nike's self-lacing shoes, the movie somehow gave us determination to create the world we imagined back then, including the cubs winning the World Series! The movie...
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