Viewing Your Phone Before Bed May Not Be The Reason You Can't Sleep

There have been a lot of studies and report that link your smart phone to a poor night's sleep. However this newer technology item may be taking the back seat in the bad sleep blame game to our old friend, the television. Yes there are numerous reports that link the light emitting from your phone...
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Stop Mounting TVs Over Fireplaces, Say Home Deco Experts

For homes with a fireplace the go-to spot for that flat panel TV is to hang it over the fireplace, right? Well no, say experts who say the heat and smoke from fires can damage your TV and void its warranty. But more of a practical reason not to hang your TV over your fireplace is it's a literal...
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Iconic 'Family Matters' Chicago House Will Be Demolished

The lyrics, “It’s a rare condition, this day and age… to read any good news on the newspaper page,” are very true today. The house used in exterior shots of the ‘90s sitcom Family Matters is about to be demolished. Demolition of the house, which is located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood,...
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Woman Escapes Mugging By Acting Out A Scene From The TV Show Law & Order

While it is easy to dismiss watching television as a mind-numbing waste of time, 32-year old Julie Dragland of Oakland, California would be the first to disagree. Saturday afternoon she was on a train traveling when a note as dropped in her lap. As she began to read it, terror set it as the note...
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Netflix Launches Marijuana Brands To Promote Shows

You pair a nice wine with a special dinner, so why wouldn't a TV network pair medical marijuana with some of its shows? Netflix did just that over the weekend at several California medical marijuana dispensaries. Dubbed “The Netflix Collection,” it features marijuana strains inspired by some of its...
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WATCH: Cher's Trippy New Song For Kid's Show Is Too Good To Miss

Cher released a " trippy " new song this week. Yes, " Ooga Boo" is a song that you'll just have to listen to right now so you can believe it.
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