Your Old Bra Could Help Save A Turtle

Your old bras can actually have a second life and help injured turtles recover! Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Charlotte is a non-profit wildlife rescue organization who provide sanctuary, rescue, and rehabilitation for wildlife, farmed, and exotic animals. Last week they turned to social media...
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11 Pounds of Coins Removed From A Sea Turtle's Stomach

When you toss a coin into a well it's accompanied by a wish. Rarely do you give it much thought as to what happens once it hits the water. In Thailand, a 25-year old green sea turtle named Bank, has been eating coins; 915 to be exact over the years. She resides in a seaside town where many tourist...
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Traveler Tries To Sneak Turtle On Airplane Disguised As A Sandwich

There's a special bond between a man and his turtle. A bond so strong you won't want to be separated from it while visiting another city. Suppose that is the reason why a Chinese man was caught trying to sneak his pet turtle aboard an airplane disguising it as a KFC chicken sandwich. A man only...
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