Trendy Diets Leaving Many People Vitamin Deficient

Trendy diets that generally include excluding certain foods are popular thanks to social media but health experts say it is causing dieters to fall short of essential vitamins and minerals, which can lead to fatigue, weakened immune systems, broken bones, muscle problems and infertility...
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Christmas Ladder Tree

Why spend hours searching for the perfect Christmas tree or worry about the toxic chemicals used to create an artificial tree when you can easily create a Christmas ladder instead. The trendy Christmas ladder that is replacing the traditional evergreen is exactly what it sounds like. People are...
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Trendy Knee-Ripped Mom Jeans Covered With Plastic

Retro has always been a fashion movement but The MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans crosses the line from cool to creepy. The best way to describe it is a jeans for generations. In case you missed it, the Gen X ripped knee jeans are back in style for the Millennial. Also back from Gen X are the high-waist...
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