A Good Reason Not To Link Your Debit/Credit Card To Venmo

Vemno is like PayPal, where you can send and receive wire transfers. However unlike PayPal, Vemno doesn't charge a fee to transfer cash to and from your bank account. But that free cash transfer does not apply if you use a credit card. Venmo tacks on a 3% fee. It’s nearly the same as using Venmo...
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Transferring Credit Card Debt To A New Card May Help Boost Your Score

Most Americans carry a lot of debt in the form of credit cards. It's such a big business that many banks and financial institutions offer zero percent interest rates by opening new lines of credit. While you may think its best not to open new credit and pay off your debt, it's not necessarily the...
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Meaningful Ways To Pay Off Debt

It's easy to go overboard when shopping for the holidays and now it's time to pay for all that splurging. Here are some tips to pay down and off those shopping sprees faster. Look to transfer your credit card balance to a zero interest card. While most banks charge a transfer fee to move a balance...
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