Pedestrian Crosswalk

Do Traffic Crosswalk Buttons Really Work?

Pushing the button doesn’t cause a “WALK” signal to appear immediately.
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Why You Always Run Late

If you're one of the 15% to 20% of Americans who is consistently late to appointments and meetings, you probably understand the struggle of trying and failing to be punctual. It's not for the lack of trying to be on time, somehow it just seems slightly out of reach. So here is what the experts have...
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98.5 KTK on Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Now you listen to 98.5 KTK and get immediate traffic updates anytime through the Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App. Get turn-by-turn directions to your destination and/or be alerted to any traffic or accidents that may delay your travels while never while listening to 98.5 KTK on your radio or...
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Florida Woman Pulls Alligator Out Of Yoga Pants

While Florida man grabs all the attention, Florida woman says, "Hold my beer and watch this." The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office says a traffic stop resulted in a baby alligator being pulled out of a woman's pants. The incident report says a blue pickup failed to make a full stop at a stop sign...
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The Highest And Lowest Traffic Fines In The United States Of America

The average fine for speeding in the United States is $423.36, but fines vary from state to state. While speeding fines are $226 in Florida, going over the speed limit in Alabama results in a $20 fine! But watch your lead foot in Nevada, where driving 13 miles over the speed limit will cost you $1,...
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How To Beat Thanksgiving Day Traffic

The time around Thanksgiving Day is widely touted as the most-traveled period of the year, so you'll want to know when the busiest (least busy) times to travel by road and by air. According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the earlier you leave the better. If you can hit the road...
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Most Drivers Fail To See Bicyclists And Pedestrians When Turning Right

Driving requires your full attention, but are we really giving it? For instance, when we are at a stop sign or turning left or right, are we distracted? Apparently many of us are in pedestrians and bicyclists are the victims. Researchers used eye-tracking equipment on drivers to see where they were...
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Florida Driver Says He Only Drank Alcohol At Stop Signs And Traffic Lights

Many a bad decision has been fueled by alcohol. This "hold my beer and watch this" moment takes us to Vero Beach where a woman was ordering food at a local drive-thru restaurant. However every time the line moved forward, the car behind her kept running into her bumper. Eventually she called the...
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How To Keep Your Phone's Maps From "Re-Routing" You While On The Road

Hitting the open road is as American as apple pie and with the ease and convenience of digital maps that offer real time traffic information, our apps are constantly changing the route to save of travel time. While that may sounds like a good idea, in many cases the time savings are negated by...
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