Not-So-Common Ways To Get Quality Sleep

8 Hours of sleep are mostly a dream for many. The traditional methods of reading, counting sheep and listening to rainfall simply don't work. So for you, perhaps some not-so-traditional methods will benefit you. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed and immediately when you wake up. Your...
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People Judge You And Your Work Performance Based On Your Name

It turns out your name says more about you than you might think. Researchers found that our perceptions of people are based solely on their name and not on their performance and the results are not a poster child for equality. Female names are seen as warmer and less competent than male names,...
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Wearable Fitness Trackers Offer No Weight Loss Advantage

Wearable fitness trackers have been hailed for given you real personalized data regarding your fitness level and therefore a more effective weight loss and fitness. However those handy fitness devices may be sabotaging your weight loss regime. A study in the Journal of the American Medical...
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