Thanksgiving Dinner Toasts

Perhaps start a new Thanksgiving tradition with these funny, sincere, and a little off the wall toast ideas
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Old Jack-O-Lantern in a compost bin

The Story Behind Jack-O-Lanterns

According to Irish folklore, Jack was a devious fellow who outsmarted the devil time and time again.
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canned cranberry sauce

Canned Cranberry Sauce Deemed Least-Liked Thanksgiving Food

When it comes to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, stuffing, pumpkin pie and some sort of casserole are essential. On that list is cranberry sauce. Come to find out, that sticky jelly substance that is shaped like the can it came from, is not very well liked. A recent poll of 2000 adults found 46%...
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What Is Wassailing?

The Christmas song goes, "Here we come a-wassailing, Among the leaves so green; Here we come a-wand'ring, So fair to be seen." A sweet song but what exactly is wassail and why are people coming a-wassailing? Wassail is both a thing and something you do. It's mulled cider, ale or wine. It was a...
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The Strange Roots of Today's Wedding Traditions

A wedding is full of traditions. The funny thing is many of us don't know what they mean or where they came from. For instance, what role do the bridesmaids and best man have to do with a wedding? While today those roles are held by our closest friends and family, the tradition of bridesmaids...
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Outdated Wedding Traditions

Weddings are steeped in tradition with bridesmaids and groomsmen dressing similarly to confuse vengeful spirit presences who might try to harm the newlyweds, to the Best Man stealing the bride from a neighboring village and to keep those angry villagers from taking her back before the ceremony was...
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