Sandwich Wraps Aren't As Healthy As You Think

Bread has been getting some bad press for years. Thanks to low carb and other diets, the sandwich staple has been shelved in favor of wraps. But is enjoying your sandwich in a wrap reducing your calorie intake? The simple explanation is not always. While you might think wraps are better for you, in...
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potato chips

Storing Chips In The Freezer Will Keep Them Fresh Longer

No one can just have one! Our love affair with the potato chip is one we cherish and nothing is worse than savoring the crispiness and crunch of those chips than limp, stale chips. Here’s a hack you can use to keep those chips fresher longer. Make some room in the freezer and keep them there! Fans...
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Tortilla Chip Bag Detects If You've Been Drinking And Calls Uber

A lot of poor decisions can be attributed to alcohol consumption and with one of the biggest days for drinking coming up with the final football game of the year, its super important you don't drink and drive. Frito Lay says they have a chip bag that can detect if you've had too much to drink and...
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