Neurological Warning Issued For Certain Flea and Tick Medication s For Dogs and Cats Issued

The FDA is warning consumers that some flea and tick medications for dogs and cats it previously deemed safe may cause neurological problems in some animals. The flea and tick pills Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica, and Credelio have been flagged by the FDA as potentially dangerous to pets. After being...
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Are You Allergic To Red Meat?

There are several food allergies that affect many different people. While you may be familiar with the more common ones like shellfish, peanuts and milk, there are millions of Americans who may not be aware they have a sensitivity to red meat, which could be raising their risk of heart attacks or...
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A Lone Star Tick Bite Could Turn You Into A Vegetarian

One superhero is born by being bitten by a spider but being bitten by a tick can also be a life-altering experience. A bite from the Lone Star tick might make you a vegetarian! While ticks can spread diseases such as Lyme disease, a bite from the Lone Star tick (the female has a marking on her back...
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