Can You Think Harder To Become Slimmer?

Your mind is always working, even when you wish it would be quiet for a moment. So with all that energy being used by you noggin, how many calories does it consume a day? Well it depends on what you’re thinking about. Neurologist say that our brain is a snob when it comes to the type of energy it...
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Try This Trick Next Time You Go Shopping To Avoid Overspending

Serious shoppers sometimes find themselves with a money problem, where more money is being spent than earned. That can be a recipe of financial disaster but reflecting on recently used personal possessions can help stifle the urge to impulse-buy, according to new study. In other words, if stop to...
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Beach Vacations Are Bad For Your Mental Health

Blasphemy! Beach vacations are bad for your health? It can't be true but a tourism experts at Purdue University says that a beach vacation can do more harm for your mental health than good unless your vacation has variety. Here's why. While the thought of spending an entire week doing nothing but...
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