Star Trek Swimwear

Set phasers to stunning! Now you can rock the pool deck in a o ne-piece women’s bathing suits modeled after Star Trek: The Next Generation-era Starfleet uniform ! The swimwear comes in three colors: blue, gold, and red, which correspond to the three departments of Starfleet crew members (sciences,...
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People Born In Summer Months More Likely To Be Overweight

The battle to fight obesity, in many circumstances, comes down to genetics and making wise personal choices on food, exercise and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol. But a new study says there's evidence that people conceived in colder months are better at burning fat that those conceived in warmer...
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Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Coming To Store Shelves In 2017

Can't wait for spring time so that you and place your order for Girl Scout cookies? You may not need to wait that long with Girl Scouts cookie-flavored cereal is coming to a grocery store near you. For a limited time and starting in January, you can start your morning with Thin Mints cereal and...
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