Graduating Class Yard sign

Be Cautions About Displaying Graduating Class Yard Signs

Con artists use the names on the signs, along with the address of where the yard sign is posted and take out loans, open new credit cards and spending accounts, commit tax fraud and so much more that destroys the credit histories for children who are not old enough to even apply for credit or open...
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Shredded Paper

You Should Be Shredding These Documents Too

As odd as it may sound, once your home's trash is off your property, it’s legal for anyone to take.
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Avoid Using A Public USB Charging Station

Nothing gives you a sense of relief than to see a place to charge your phone. But beware of charging your device using a public USB port as it could cause you a world of problems. The issue is that public USB ports can potentially be hacked so that they install data-stealing malware onto your phone...
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Couple Spend Nearly All Of $120,000 Mistakenly Deposited In Their Bank Account

If you ever wondered what would happen if you had a bank error in your favor, and you spent it, you'll be arrested and charged with felony theft. Robert and Tiffany Williams of Pennsylvania had an unexpected windfall on May 31st, when they checked the balance in their checking account and there was...
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You Should Freeze Your Child's Credit Report Now

The world is a scary place and as parents, we tirelessly work to keep our children safe. But there's a good chance your child's credit is vulnerable. As odd as it sounds you should freeze your child's credit even though they are not old enough to obtain a credit card! More than 1 million children...
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Beware Of Revealing Too Much Info On Those Facebook Personality Quizzes

You see them pop up on your Facebook timeline and although they appear to be harmless fun, those personality quizzes could open yourself up to identity theft! Popular Facebook quizzes often ask users to answer a series of sharable personal questions such as "who was your childhood best friend", "...
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Thieves Make It Easy For Police By Stealing $18,000 Worth Of GPS Trackers

There are crimes that go unsolved for years and then there's the theft of dozens of GPS tracking devices from an electronics manufacturer in California. The Roambee Corporation reported their facility had been robbed to police. As they reviewed that had been stolen included one beer from the...
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Car keys

Can your car keys unlock another car?

Did you know it's possible to use your car keys to unlock someone else's vehicle? Fox News reports most car manufacturers only have about 3,500 lock combinations, which means while it's highly unlikely, there is a possiblity of someone gaining access to your car. The Open Organization of Lockpicker...
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Posting a Peace Sign Poses Risk Of Identity Theft

You wouldn’t think snapping a selfie could lead to your identity being stolen but that is the new warning from security experts. It comes down to your phone's camera. With most new phones packing a 12 mega pixel camera or more, it means when you zoom in on that selfie, you see a lot of detail,...
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Tax Refund Delays For Those Using Earned Income Child Tax Credits

If you use the earned income tax credit or the additional child tax credit when filing your taxes, your refund will take a bit longer this year. The IRS says that identify thieves have been using taxpayers’ personal information, sometimes going as far as to steal their W-2s and past tax returns to...
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