Video Shows Hundreds of Unattended Teens Tear Apart Mini-Golf Center

A mob of teens erupted in violence at a Putt-Putt Fun Center in Memphis, Tennessee Saturday night, and it was all caught on video. See the footage here.
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Teens Smoke Less Weed In States That Legalize Marijuana

For years lawmakers have cautioned that marijuana would act as a gateway drug for teens, in that it would be the first stop of a lifetime of increasingly harder drug use. But now that 33 states and the District of Columbia have either medical and recreational laws, some with over 20 years to...
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Why You Should Talk To Your Child About E-Cigarettes And Vaping

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a formal warning to five e-cigarette manufacturers, telling them they must step up efforts to keep kids and teens from accessing their products or face a possible ban on sales of flavored e-cigs. The warning comes after an undercover FDA...
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The Dangers Of the Condom Challenge

Being a kids hasn't changed over the years. What has changed is the ease of which information is shared between kids. When we were kids, information was shared through phone calls and exaggerated tales during sleepovers. Today the Internet has taken its place but the same rumors and mis-information...
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Restaurants adds "Teen Tax" To Cover Kids That Don't Tip

You could say that tipping is a uniquely American custom but it appears the etiquette may be lost on the youngest generation. It's an issue that the Wayne Hills Diner and Restaurant in New Jersey is taking up and it has some people upset. The restaurant is adding an 18% gratuity to the bill of kids...
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POLL: Should Kids & Teens Be Charged A Mandatory Gratuity?

NO! Not all kids and teen skip out on tips and many are being double-billed. Plus there are adults who don't give tips either!
50% (4 votes)
YES! Tips are part of the salary of wait staff and if they are providing good service they should be tipped!
25% (2 votes)
If you are going to add a mandatory gratuity, it should be for all customers and not just kids and teens.
25% (2 votes)
Total votes: 8
A restaurant in New Jersey says their wait staff spend hours serving groups of 20-30 kids and teens only for them to ditch on the customary tip . So they've implemented a mandatory 18% gratuity only on the bill of kids and teens. Do you agree with the move?
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Police Post Pumpkin Lineup As Teens Caught Stealing Several Squashes

They were caught orange-handed, three teens were arrested for allegedly stealing dozens of pumpkins from the front porches of a St. Louis, Missouri suburb of Maryland heights earlier this month. Several residents reported their pumpkins missing from their porches and police were able to quickly...
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Fashion Trends Hated The Most By Age Groups

When it comes to fashion, beauty is in the eye of the generation, according to the Hater app, a dating app that matches people based on the thing they hate. They gathered data from all negative Nanacies and Neils to find out what men and women hate about current styles. What is surprisng is the...
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App Forces Kids To Respond To Texts

Parents battle a common foe, the child who never acknowledges or replies to your texts. Well now there’s an app that forces your child to respond to you, if they wish to continue to use their phone. The app is called ReplyASAP and it allows you to send text messages that your kids will have no...
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Florida Teens Invent Straw That Detects Date Rape Drugs in Drinks

Three Florida teens have joined in the fight against rape with their weapon of choice, a drinking straw. Victoria Roca, Susana Cappello, and Carolina Baigorri were attending an entrepreneurship class at Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami when they came up with a simple concept to detect date rape...
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