Group of High School Students Test Positive for COVID-19 After Attending Beach Party

A group of New Jersey high schoolers tested positive for COVID-19 after they went to a Jersey Shore beach party together, according to a report.
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Teenage Girls Invite Elderly Woman To Join Them Because She Missed her Friends

Such a sweet story of how a young group of friends made the day of an older woman who was reminded of being young. 18-year old Mahri Smith was out with a group of friends at a casino in Ottawa, Canada when the troupe went into the bathroom to freshen up. As many groups of young girls do, they...
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Mom Cleans Living Room And Then Closes It Until Thanksgiving

As startling as it sounds, Thanksgiving is just three weeks away and Christmas is not far behind. The holidays are generally a stressful time for parents, especially moms who are left with the planning, cooking and cleaning for the holidays. Michele Keylor lives with her two teenage boys in Ohio...
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