The Strange Gray Oval Is Finally Explained

Taking a quick look at Team USA's speed skaters uniforms raises eyebrows and questions as to why the inner thigh and crotch areas are a different color than the rest of it. It turns out, the gray oval wasn't as much an aesthetic choice as a decision aimed at improving athlete performance. Under...
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Win A Free Candy Bar With Every Gold Medal Won By Team USA

The 2018 Winter Olympics officially start today in PyeongChang, South Korea. Make sure you root for Team USA to bring home Olympic gold as you could get a free candy bar. Hershey's has released a new candy called the Hershey's Gold Bar, which is a caramelized crème candy with peanuts and pretzels...
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Team Norway Chefs Make An EGG-normous Mistake!

The 2018 Winter Olympics have started in Korea, where hundreds of athletes have arrived for compete for the gold. All those athletes are hungry which is why Norway sent along a team of chefs to PyeongChang, South Korea. Upon arrival the chefs went shopping at a local grocery store in Korea...
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