Heads Up! July 15 Is Tax Day – All Your Questions Answered

The federal government may have postponed the April 15 tax filing until July 15 due to coronavirus, but now that day is almost upon us! If taxpayers seek an extension, they must file or face a penalty.
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Are Stimulus Checks Causing Tax Refunds to Be Delayed?

Are you still waiting on your tax refund? You’re not the only one. Many Americans have expressed frustration after waiting months for a tax refund instead of the usual 21 days. Find out what the IRS said about the delays.
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Nelly Fans Urged To Play His Music To Pay Off Back Taxes

Things are getting for in here for Cornell Iral Hayes Jr., better known by his stage name, Nelly. Apparently he has become a victim of a bad accountant and owes almost $2.5 million in back federal taxes, as well as nearly $150,000 in Missouri state taxes. Although Nelly is a music star, getting an...
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