Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville Listed As One Of The Best Places To Live In USA

The annual list takes a look at amenities, demographics, economy, education, health care, housing, social and civic capital and transportation and infrastructure to determine the rankings.
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french fries

There Is A festival Honoring The French Fry This July In Tallahassee

There's a lot of love spilled over bacon with entire festivals dedicated to them. But just as beloved are French fries yet there aren't many festivals to honor crinkle cuts, shoestrings and curly fries...until now. Frye Festival , which is not to be mistaken with Fyre Fest, is an actual event...
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Man Calls 911 From One ER Room For A Ride To Another ER Room

Even a hurricane can't stop the strange stories from our beloved Sunshine State. For this one, we head up to Tallahassee where 45-year old Vanderick Williams entered the Emergency Room of a hospital. Apparently Williams wasn't having a good night and began being disruptive as presumably was a long...
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Add Your Name to Request The World's Largest Bounce House To Come To Town

The one thing kids have that we didn’t have are bounce houses. The simple act of jumping and flopping without worry seems to be the essence of childhood. But now the bounce house is beyond birthday parties for kids. The Big Bounce America bills itself as the biggest bounce house in the world. It's...
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101 Cantina Eviction Filed For Unpaid Rent And Damages

If you happen to have a 101 Cantina gift certificate, you may want to use it quickly. The owners of the mid-town Gainesville building across from the University of Florida has had eviction paperwork filed for unpaid rent, late charges, attorney fees and partial damages. Adding to the eviction is...
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