Recyclable Item Quiz

Recycling is becoming easier for everyone but not everyone knows what can be recycled and what shouldn't be placed in the bin and that could be a costly problem for the city of Ocala. The city can be fined people placing non-recyclable items into the recycle bin. The problem is many items people...
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Ordering Takeout Can Boost Your Brain Power

It's been one of those days and the last thing you want to do is prepare dinner. But you know ordering in can mean your sacrificing healthy choices for convenience, until now. You can get some good benefits for boosting your brain power. Scientist at Boston University took a look at the eating...
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Join 98.5 KTK-Take 5 Oil Change

Join Chris malone Saturday (5/6/2017) at Take 5 Oil Change in Summerfield ! Get an oil change without getting out of your car and enjoy a complmentary beverage! Plus you can spin the KTK Prize Wheel and enter to win concert tickets!
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Smart Pill Bottle Cap Alerts You When Its Time To Take Your Medicine

Vitamins, supplements and medications from your doctor work best when you take them as directed. However that is easier said than done, considering a recent report found adults 40 years and older taking prescription medications for chronic illnesses that 57% admitted to missing doses of their...
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