How To Shop During The Great Computer Shortage Of 2020

with more employees staying at home to work remotely and students attending school virtually, laptop computers and accessories are harder to find.
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Using A Wireless Charger May Be Shortening The Life Of Your Phone

A recent wireless charger test found that the convenience of not using a wire can be shortening the life of your device!
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Use A Dishwasher Detergent Tablet To Clean Your Toilet Bowl

A dishwasher detergent tablet is great for cleaning stubborn water stains in your toilet bowl!
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Dishwashing tablets

Use A Dishwasher Tablet To Clean Your Oven

Use a dishwashing tablet to clean your oven easily.
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Older Americans Are Spending Too Much Time In Front Of Computer Screens

Younger generations get a lot of heat about spending too much time staring at computer screens from older generations. But a new study finds that Americans 60 and older are spending more time in front of their screens than a decade ago. Screen time is up 27%. It makes sense though with the...
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Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Phone

It's no surprise that your phone is probably the grossest item in your possession! Not to mention your laptop keyboard, your TV remote control and anything you touch on a regular basis. The problem is that some cleaning methods can permanently damage your device (maybe even render it unusable), so...
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Give Up Your Smartphone For A Year For $100,000

Would you be willing to go for an entire year without your smartphone for $100,000? Vitamin Water says 1 out of 2 people couldn’t live without their smartphone. So to motivate you to break the cycle with scroll-free life solutions, they're offering $100,000 to someone who gives up their phone for...
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Students Perform Better in Classrooms Without Cell Phones

As we prepare for the start of a new school year, it wouldn't be surprising if more classrooms implement a ban on mobile devices. While schools that have tried to enforce a "no electronics" policy only to have it backfire with angry parents who want their kids to have access to a phone in case of...
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Things You Shouldn't Clean With Vinegar

While vinegar is a great cleaning solution around the house, it isn't the best on certain items. While it is a safe alternative to chemical cleaners it is still an acid which can damage certain finishes in your home. For instance, if you have granite or marble countertops or natural stone floor...
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What To Do About Meltdown and Spectre

By now you've learned that virtually every single computer you own has two major design flaws that send shivers down your spine. The two bugs were discovered by researchers from Google's Project Zero team whose job is to test security and flaws. The two issues have names. Meltdown, which breaks...
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