How To Handle A Bad Haircut

Few things are more traumatic to your confidence than a bad haircut. From stylist using poor techniques or not fully understanding what you want to your getting exactly what you thought you wanted but end up hating it. But the damage has already been done, so how to work with it to boost your...
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When You Should Make A Hair Appointment According To Hairstylists

Whether you consider your regular hairstylist to be your part-time therapist or you’re just visiting to get your roots touched up, figuring out how to tell when you need a haircut can be tricky. Haircuts can be pricey and time-consuming. Hairstylist unveil some tell-tale signs that you need to...
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Stylist Arrested For Giving A Bad Haircut

There's a bad haircut and then there’s one so bad that the stylist is arrested! A 22-year old man went into Ruby's Salon in Madison, Wisconsin to get the sides of his head shaved and an inch cut off the top. Not a problem for the 46-year old stylist, Khaled A. Shabani. According to police, Shabani...
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