Sting Christmas Tree Lights Vertically This Year

When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, it's pretty simple. First start with the lights. After untangling them from the box it's time to string them. It turns out 99% of the world has been stringing lights the wrong way no the tree. Most people are taught from an early age to wrap the...
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Password Security Advice Is Now Viewed As Incorrect

It happens about every 90 days, you have to come up with a new computer password. It must contain at least a number and a character (such as a !). It's been a standard practice for all government and most business computer terminals. But it appears that is not the most secure way to keep hackers...
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Alarm Clock Stuck Inside Walls Goes Off Daily For 13 Years

Everyone makes a mistake every now and then, but to be reminded of that mistake every single day, at the same time, for 13 years is mind-numbing! It all started back in 2004, when homeowner Jerry Lynn was looking to add cable TV into a room. The trick is where to drill the hole from downstairs,...
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