Florida Man Hies Legless Girlfriend In Plastic Storage Bin To Keep From Police

With the weather warming up, the craziness of Florida is starting to stir around like a sprayed roach. 39-year-old Krystle Lee Anderson was a woman wanted by the Polk County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Marshals for a 2015 incident when she allegedly held people hostage at an Ocoee Burger King...
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Some Lesser Known Perks Of Amazon Prime

You may be new to Amazon Prime membership or have enjoyed the benefits for quite some time. But there are more than just free shipping, movies and TV shows and music, there are a few lesser known benefits. For instance, you have virtually unlimited photo storing space. PrimePhotos can be accessed...
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Spruce Up Your Kitchen With These Inexpensive Updates

You kitchen needs some love! Let's face it, you spend a lot of time in there and when it comes to marketing, homebuyers usually are sold by the looks of your kitchen. So here's some quick ways to spruce it up for yourself or to sell it. #1-Display some art. Look for subject-appropriate art, like...
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Ways Toothpaste Can Work In the Kitchen

You'd expect to see a tube of toothpaste in the bathroom. But here are a few reasons to keep a tube in the kitchen. Gently rubbing non-gel toothpaste on water rings can remove them from a wooden table. Squirt a dab on your hands and rub it all around after cutting fish, onions, garlic and other...
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The Vampire Apps That Suck Your Battery Dry

It's a never-ending struggle to save energy so that your phone's battery doesn't die too soon. Even worse, that message that you're reach the maximum of your data or that you don't have enough space for that awesome picture! We've got some tips for Android phone users you may not know about. Yes,...
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Husband pods for shopping?

A Chinese mall is aiming to keep men from becoming bored on shopping trips with video game-equipped "husband storage pods". The Global Harbor mall in Shanghai unveiled the four pods, which are composed of glass booths containing chairs and PC gaming set-ups. Mall-goers who tried out the "husband...
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