Add Unlimited Flavor To Your Popcorn By Doing This One Thing

Popcorn may be the world's most favorite snack. Fluffy, hot kernels with a smell that makes your mouth water! Believe it or not there’s a fairly simple way for you to make this delicious snack even more delicious! Pulverize the heck out of your seasonings before you start sprinkling. When you...
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Woman Prevents Her Own Kidnapping Because She Knew How To Drive Stick

An incredible story of how a woman's manual car saved her from a kidnapping! 20-year-old college student Jordan Dinsmore left a restaurant last Wednesday around 1am and returned home to her apartment. But once she got out of her car, she was rushed by three men wearing dark clothes, pushed her to...
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Company Makes Pads that Stick To The Soles Of Your Feet

It never fails that you end up playing an impromptu game of hot lava when walking through the hot sand of the beach or the concrete of a pool deck. While a pair of flip-flops help, they can be cumbersome as you take them on and off going into the water. Perhaps that's the thought behind Nakefit,...
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