Mom Startup Company Creates Face Shields For Children

Two doctors, who happen to be mothers, have created Little Lives PPE, a startup company that makes face shields for children as little as two-years old
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Now Is The Time To Talk With Your Kids About The Upcoming School Year

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to sit down with your kids to talk about what this school year might look like.
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The Vampire Apps That Suck Your Battery Dry

It's a never-ending struggle to save energy so that your phone's battery doesn't die too soon. Even worse, that message that you're reach the maximum of your data or that you don't have enough space for that awesome picture! We've got some tips for Android phone users you may not know about. Yes,...
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Luxury Bottled Water From Icebergs Sells For $75 Each

Last year American's spent $14.2 billion on bottled water and for the first time, water eclipsed soda sales. So it should be no surprise that more companies are putting their money into bottled water. A Norwegian startup company has thrown their bottle into the ring with water captured from...
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