Live In A Castle While Earning $41,000 A Year

It's not often you get a chance to move into a medieval castle and get a nice paycheck too! St. Michael's Mount, a tourist-friendly tidal island off the coast of Cornwall, England is looking for a Visitor Services Manager, who would oversee the 30 or so seasonal employees and make sure all of the...
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potato chips

The Potato Chip That Costs Nearly $12 Per Chip

How much as you willing to pay for a potato chip. Not one that looks like Jimmy Fallon or Elvis but a gourmet chip. A Swedish microbrewery, who take a lot of pride in their work have created a companion for its beer that cost roughly $12 per chip. St. Erik's Brewery sold just 5 of these pristine...
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Florida Man Attacked With Weed Whacker

Never bring a knife to a weed whacker fight, or something like that! True to its Only In Florida tag, two neighbors in St. Petersburg get involved in a fight with one of them breaking out the weed whacker to attack the other. The fight actually began a few weeks ago when Dan Lorek saw Jeffrey...
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