Amazon Echo Smart Home Alexa Voice Service in a living room

The App That Will Alert You When Nearby Smart Devices Are Snooping

Internet of Things Assistant was developed by a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University which will let you discover the devices around you and learn about the data they collect
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The One Trick To Become A Better Public Speaker

Public speaking can send chills down your spine, even for seasoned veterans. One of the biggest fears is not getting your point across and for many it is relying too much of verbal crutches. Those "ums," "uhs" and "you knows" are common. In fact, linguists say the average person uses five filler...
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Facebook To Automatically Play Audio While Scrolling Past Videos

The one thing Facebook likes to do is change things up from time to time. The latest change, to in Facebook's words to enhance the "customer experience" may be one of the more annoying changes. Very soon, if it hasn't already happened, when you scroll past videos in your timeline, the muted audio...
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